Kilimanjaro Training Hike: 16.5 Miles + 2723 ft elevation gain

Completed a good training hike today in the Santa Cruz Mountains through a redwood forest on the coast of Northern California. Completed 16.5 miles (26.6 km) and gained a total of 2723 ft (830 meters) in elevation.  The elevation gains made the hike challenging and an excellent workout.

The weather was warm and sunny with temperatures hovering in the low 80's °F (28 °C). There was almost no breeze below the thick canopy of redwoods and this along with higher than normal humidity which made it feel warmer.  There were a couple of steep sections up the mountainside with South-East exposure to the sun and without cover.  These sections made us grateful the forest trees and shade they provided.  My old one liter army surplus canteen and a 0.35 liter can of water were not quite enough for the trek.  I felt a little dehydrated at the very end without water.  2 liters of water would have been about right.

Poison oak was extremely thick on the trail.  The trail is apparently not very popular and the lack of use narrowed the width which brought the poison oak in very close to exposed ankles and legs.  Amazingly, none in our party developed a poison oak rash.  Cursed plant.

Looking forward to the return of cooler hiking weather with the fall and more strenuous training hikes.

Forest of Nisene Marks